Updated Info – Jan. 10th

Thank you for attending the Parent Meeting  this morning.

Just a reminder that show dates are as follows:

March 8th – Night Performance, Cast A

March 9th – Night Performance Cast B

March 10th – 2 Day performances, 1 for Cast A & 1 for Cast B

Also, here is the link to the important deadlines coming up!

Mary Poppins Jr-2ap1nsj

As soon as we receive the Ad Information digitally, we will upload!

Callback Info – VERY IMPORTANT

We are very excited to try a new callback system this year. We will be posting the list of students that will be called back for a few of our lead characters (not all, as the list is long) by 7:00pm. However, this year the students will not be called back for a specific character. The students that are called back will need to familiarize themselves with the FOUR scenes that are listed below (familiarize, not memorize). In addition, Mr. Sette will be teaching a few lines of a song during the audition that the students will need to sing.

Remember: Just because you do not get called back, does not mean that you did not get a role in the musical.

Callbacks will be tomorrow, December 6th, from 3:30 – 5:45. Because they may need to read for multiple scenes, it is difficult to give an exact release time. We will have students call home if they are released before 5:45. If you are picking up your child and your child is not finished, please remain outside of the auditorium as auditions are closed.

Here are the scenes:

Scene A: Scene A-2nzwxqv

Scene B:Scene B-246yss5

Scene C:Scene C-1pxsj4f

Scene D:Scene D-14by1ut

Broadway Workshop/Audition Info

Below is the link to another amazing Broadway Workshop offered to our RIS Upper School students! The workshop will be on Monday, November 20 3:30-5:00.

Broadway Workshop David-1b6udzx

Audition Info:

Everyone is required to report to the gym at 3:30. The first half of the audition will be the dance portion as a group. Then, each student will perform their song choice during their previously selected time slot. Your child will need to be picked up at the end of their scheduled time slot. For example, if your child signed up for 4:00-4:15 time slot, they will go to the gym after school for dance portion, then they will individually audition during that time slot and should be picked up at 4:15. Please be patient as we have so many students that wish to audition, that we may run over their time slot. Thank you in advance!

Here is the packet that students received regarding the audition:

Mary Poppins AUDITION INFO-2g6gyf0


Monday, November 13th – 3:30PM – 5:00PM

We have another exciting Broadway Workshop coming up this Monday. Sign-up sheet for our workshop with Stevi Van Meeter is located in the music hallway. This workshop is highly recommended if you’re planning to audition for the Spring Musical – Mary Poppins in December.

The 2018 RIS Musical – Mary Poppins Jr.!

We are so excited about the upcoming musical! We have the amazing opportunity to conduct workshops for the students to help prepare our RIS actors for our show! Please read the attached flyer – The first workshop is Monday, November 6th at 3:30 – 5:00!

Timothy Oliver Reid-1myhg72

In addition, we are asking for Sponsors early to help bring more workshops in preparation for our musical.

Sponsors 2018 Mary Poppins Jr -1c7liwp